How We Made our Wedding Green!

Our Wedding Color is GREEN…
The two creators of The Mindful Consumer, Sara and Ron, are tying the (local, organic, undyed cotton) knot! We wanted to share with you a few of the decisions we made to make our wedding a more sustainable event, and to reflect who we are…  we want to share with you some of the ways this wedding is a little different (and a little greener) than some other events.
-Invitations. Instead of using traditionally mailed invitations, we used electronic invitations, a YouTube video, and a web site to announce our wedding and enable RSVPs. Not only do we avoid needless paper production, stamps, energy and we save money.. it’s also EASY! Instead of sending out the little RSVP card back to us, you can just click, and it’s done. See? Your guests have no excuse not to RSVP. 

-Reception. We are having our reception at an organic, vegetarian restaurant. Instead of having the event catered, where oftentimes food goes to waste, the guests will be able to order what they like, there will be less waste, and we can support a local, organic business. Plus the food is really good, and if we were going out on a romantic date, this is where we’d pick.

-Rings. We bought an antique ring for Sara instead of new, and titanium for Ron. Gold and diamond production is some of the most ecologically and socially damaging productions on earth. Instead of putting our money towards that industry, by buying antique and titanium we do not create new demand for that product, plus it’s just beautiful. Let Sara show off her ring to you, you’ll never want to buy a “new” diamond again.

– Clothing. We are planning on renting a tux for Ron (which is so much more friendly than buying it for 1 event) and Sara plans on donating her dress to an organization that loans wedding dresses out to low income brides. We aren’t asking anyone else to buy special clothing for the event. Less waste.

-Honeymoon. We are spending a few days at a close by B&B. Although many couples travel (we plan on traveling this year for the second leg of our wedding extravaganza) by doing something local, and privately owned, we can put some money back in to our economy.

– Party favors. I know, when a guest leaves a wedding the first thing they say is how much they loved the little party favors left on the tables… okay, not really. Instead of spending the money on party favors which will no doubt be tossed, lost, or forgotten, we are donating to our favorite charity the money we would have otherwise used to buy the little made-in-china baubles. The guests will hardly remember the favor, but they may remember the idea that there was some money donated in their name.

-Flowers. For Sara’s bouquet, we are picking local flowers at a nearby pick-your-own farm. Peonies are beautiful, in bloom, and local- what can be better than that?


Whenever your wedding is, we wish you the best of luck, happiness, and mindful consuming. Cheers!


  • From food to flowers, every thing about your wedding seems to benefit the environment. Very different and helpful ideas to protect the environment. Thanks for sharing.

  • But, what inquiring minds MUST know, are the bride and groom on our wedding cake edible? 🙂

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    An inspirational read – all the best for the big day, thanks for giving us all an insight into how green thinking can apply to even the most traditional event!